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Sample Student Curriculum for Grade 9

Module 1:  Financial Planning and Budgeting 101  

                      Goal Setting and Financial Planning


Module 2:  Understanding Your Paycheck  

                      What are Taxes?  

                      How Does SS Work?


Module 3:  Financial Service Providers & Savings Accounts 

                      Comparing Financial Institutions Pros/Cons 

                      Intro to Savings Accounts  Savings Tips   


Module 4:  Checking Accounts  

                      Definition and Purpose of a Checking Account  

                      Opening and Managing a Checking Account  

                      Debit Cards and Checks

Module 5:  Credit Basics

                     Definition and Purpose of Credit

                     Basic Credit Terminology

                     Credit Score and Credit Reports


Module 6:  Credit Cards

                     Comparing Credit to Debit/ATM Cards

                     Opening and Managing a Credit Card

                     Debt Management Tips


Module 7:  Debt Management

                     Types of Debt

                     Debt Management Strategies

                     Identifying Spending Habits and

                     Strategies to Spend Smartly

                     Budgeting Recap


Module 8:  Investing 101

                     Why Should You Invest?

                     Stock Market Basics

                     Asset Classes

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