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How do I get Rich? The next Boom is here, right now!
by Christopher Perez, Pennsylvania based financier.


Since the dawn of the industrial revolution every industry has experienced a creation and transference of wealth, both up and down. From tech to real estate to commodities, deregulation and everything in between, millionaires and even billionaires are born. Most of us know household names like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates, Musk and Zuckerberg, but did you know these individuals are a mere fraction of the 56 million millionaires globally with many more millionaires being created every single day?

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Now, here is the million dollar question, no pun intended... How do I get my piece of the million dollar pie? Simple, it’s being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. In my industry, commercial real estate lending, if you were unlucky enough to miss out on the first boom you are in luck, because NOW we are coming into our second boom in only a few short years, and this time it’s bigger than ever before! First, we had record low interest rates which created, you guessed it, record buying of real estate and record loans being made, and now, because of the pandemic, a lot of properties are going to be in trouble. This is where we (you) come in to help.

You missed the first boom, but that’s ok. This second boom is going to be wild! Just look at the facts. We’ll call this the manna from heaven. Let me explain:

  1. The pandemic caused millions of businesses to shudder causing massive financial loss. Over the past two years, sectors, such as hospitality, retail, office space, were destroyed literally overnight.

  2. This caused losses on tax returns and federally regulated main street banks, as well as credit unions, cannot lend to businesses with losses.

  3. Sprinkle in the Perfect Storm because, unlike a home loan, which is typically a 30-year fixed commercial real estate loan, these loans are short term, anywhere from 3, 5, to 10-year fixed with 30-yr Arm. This means that over the next three to five years, all these ballooning loans will not be able to refinance with their existing bank or credit union.

  4. There will be foreclosures, and because of these losses only secondary market private money lenders will be able to service these loans, and what most people are surprised to learn is that a lot these private lenders are large multi-million even multi-billion dollar corporations exclusively working with commercial mortgage brokers.


Now the math. How much money will change hands? This is the important part because that money changing hands is how you will potentially become a millionaire.

  • The Census Bureau counted nearly 20 million rental properties, with 48.2 million individual units.

  • CBECS estimates that 5.9 million U.S. commercial buildings.

  • The average commission on a loan is 2-5 points or percent.

  • Commercial property values will range from $100,000 to well over 1million.


Now, conservatively, for example, let’s say half of those properties need to be refinanced over the next 3 to 5 years. 

That’s 12 million properties refinancing to new lenders at an average loan/property value of $500,000. That’s $6 Trillion (with a T) Dollars changing hands. Average broker commissions will range between 2-5%. So, if again we conservatively say an average commission of 2.5% that’s still a staggering 150 Billion Dollars will go directly in to the commercial mortgage broker’s pockets!


Here is the craziest part of it all. Once the dust of the 2008 financial collapse settled there where less than 20,000 actual mortgage brokers left and far less in commercial real estate. Fact is there are probably less than 5000 commercial mortgage brokers in the US to service tens of millions of commercial properties. What that means is there just simply isn’t enough of us to service all these loans. The cold hard facts are the broker working this business now, post Covid-19, in this perfect storm could potentially pocket upwards of $30 million dollars each over the next three to five years!    

I personally don’t need another 30 million dollars, but maybe, just maybe you would like some of this manna from heaven.   


       ~ CP

For more information please contact Christopher Perez,, 267-328-4465

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