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We offer premium education at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. High-quality education without the equally high price tag!

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Start your career in Commercial Real Estate Loan Brokering & Business Funding

Since 2012, we have trained thousands of individuals on how to successfully originate, broker and close commercial real estate loans, SBA loans and business funding loans.







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Why commercial real estate lending? Why now?

Recent insights from investment bank Morgan Stanley underscore the immense potential in the commercial real estate sector. With a staggering $1.5 trillion of commercial real estate debt set to mature by the end of 2025, the need for adept professionals in the lending space is more pressing than ever. Morgan Stanley highlights the challenges ahead, emphasizing the difficulty illiquid banks may face in refinancing this substantial debt, especially given the persistently weak demand for office space nationwide.

However, with wholesale lenders leveraging the expertise of educated commercial mortgage brokers, a wave of unprecedented opportunities awaits!

What are you waiting for? Speak with an enrollment counselor today to learn how our world-class training can position you to reap the benefits of today's hottest commercial real estate markets in modern history!

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Training Highlights

  • High-paying career opportunities and salaries, some well over $100,000.

  • Our exclusive job board reserved ONLY for OceanView graduates with lenders looking to hire immediately!

  • Our one of a kind guaranteed internships. Lenders need our graduates today.

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Offer more solutions than any bank

We are excited to connect you with a diverse network of over 100 lenders who are eager to establish fruitful partnerships with your borrowers. Understanding that not every borrower fits the conventional banking mold, our specialized training equips you with the skills to confidently approve and secure financing for a majority of individuals who may have faced previous challenges with traditional banks.

Better than a franchise and work from home

Unlike traditional franchise opportunities, we never collect any franchise fees, royalties, and we won't restrict your choice of work locations. Your business remains entirely your own, offering you the flexibility to operate part-time or full-time, whether in a dedicated office space or from the comfort of your home. Our streamlined, low-overhead model equips you with all the essentials to kick start your business promptly and efficiently, minimizing your initial costs.

Make unlimited income

The demand for financing and alternative financing is hotter than ever! The commercial real estate market is booming and now is your opportunity to perfectly position yourself to capitalize on this historic boom! No matter the market conditions, there will always be individuals and corporations investing in real estate and there will always be a need for commercial real estate financing.

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What graduates are saying about OceanView and their new careers:

“Thank you for the incredible training and guidance. I am now connecting with a lot of investors and real estate people on LinkedIn, Bigger Pockets, and Facebook… people are now seeking me out for financing! Awesome!”


Laurie M, Jacksonville, Florida

"The more I hear, the more excited I am about the choice I made!"

Paula B, Wisconsin

“I chose the learn-at-my-own-pace package and the program is amazing. I'm on week 5 right now and learning so much. It's is really refreshing to deal with a company so professional. 

John C, Pennsylvania

I'm a month and a half out of training and I just closed my first deal! $7,500 commission! Umm, YES! Thank you so much!

Lisa H, Bellevue, WA


Are you ready to enroll?

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Want to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives? Simply fill out the contact form to the left and one of our representatives will gladly reach out to you.

Or you can always give us a call at (267) 328-4465.

Representatives are available to take your call Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.

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