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We offer premier education at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. High-quality education without the equally high price tag!

About OceanView Education

Creating Success

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Christopher Perez

Mr. Christopher Perez
OceanView Education Founder

With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years as a Philadelphia-based financier, Chris stands out as an industry expert with an impressive track record of over a billion dollars in successfully closed transactions. Renowned as a respected force in the commercial real estate lending sphere, Chris's journey includes leading a team of over 17,000 brokers, generating tens of millions of dollars monthly in financed transactions. This impactful work not only contributed to financial success but also played a role in creating numerous new millionaires.

In his current role as the CEO of a thriving brokerage and a direct lender focusing on 1-4 unit properties, Chris has shifted his focus to a more meaningful mission. Serving as a mentor and educator, he is dedicated to training and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, extending a valuable opportunity to individuals like yourself who aspire to embark on a rewarding career in finance. Over the past decade, Chris has successfully trained thousands of individuals, enabling them to find success in the finance industry.

Are you prepared for a fresh and exciting challenge? Do you aspire to unlock unlimited income potential and secure lasting financial stability for you and your family? If your response is a resounding "yes" to any of these questions, the world of commercial real estate financing might be the perfect fit for you, and OceanView Education is here to guide you on the journey to realizing your dreams!

What sets OceanView apart?

We know that starting a business is a big decision, in fact, it is likely one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We take that responsibility seriously. We realize that there are other loan broker training companies out there that may try to offer similar loan broker training programs; however, a lot of them are fly-by-night companies. At OceanView Education, we let the quality of our training speak for itself. It is important for you to know that you have made the best possible choice to pursue your dreams. We highly encourage you to conduct your own comparison between us and our competition. Pick up the phone and call us, we are  happy to discuss with you the limitless possibilities you can achieve with our immersive training program.


We don't sell hype and we don't teach dreams. We give you the absolute finest in quality commercial real estate lending training so that you can leave with the tools and the confidence needed to start your own business.

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Reasons to consider OceanView Education


We don't sell hype and we don't teach dreams. What we do is provide you the absolute finest in high-quality commercial real estate lending training so that you can graduate with the tools and the confidence needed to start your own business.

  • We insist on ethical broker etiquette.

  • We are industry experts with years of credibility.

  • We are not just educators, but we are also in the business.

  • We go beyond teaching you finance, we teach you how to effectively run all aspects of your brokerage.

  • We pre-qualify our students - if we feel this opportunity is not right for you, we will not take a single penny from you.

  • Upon graduation, we will give you all the additional tools needed in order to be successful.

  • You will be able to immediately benefit from our years of relationships with our lenders, banks and investors.

  • Get more out of your investment, we are the ONLY company that offers an exclusive 1-on-1 training experience and guaranteed paid internship.

  • And so much more!

what sets us apart
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Residential Buildings

OceanView Education vs.

a franchise


If you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a new business or investing into a franchise opportunity, we would highly recommend you take the time to review why commercial finance training is a great opportunity.

With OceanView Education:

  • No franchise fees or royalties fees

We teach you how start your OWN business, not pay us for one.

  • Unlimited income potential

  • No geographical constraints

  • Work from home, no office needed

  • Low overhead business model

  • Your business is easy and inexpensive to grow

Most importantly, there will ALWAYS be a need for capital. Lending is not a "fad" and as a commercial real estate lending broker you are an important piece of the puzzle with a product and service that will always be needed, no matter the market conditions.

us vs franchise

Are you ready to enroll?

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Want to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives? Simply fill out the contact form on the left and one of our representatives will gladly reach out to you.

Or you can always give us a call at (267) 328-4465.

Representatives are available to take your call Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

OceanView Education is committed to protecting your personal information in a safe and secure manner. We do not transfer or sell your information to third party solicitors. You can unsubscribe form receiving emails from us at anytime.

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