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We offer premier education at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. High-quality education without the equally high price tag!

Unlimited Earning Potential

Financial Freedom

Happy Businessman
Private Property

Journeyman Package
Learn at your own pace

No need to wait for the next semester to begin! With this package, you will take a deep professional dive into the commercial real estate lending business. Taught to you over the course of 30+ engaging modules, our industry experts will teach you all you need to know in order to be a successful commercial real estate loan broker. Start your journey within 7 days of completing your Life Goals Questionnaire for a custom-tailored syllabus to meet your specific learning needs. Everything from the basics all the way up to advanced insider trade secrets, no stone is left unturned in preparing you to run your own successful commercial real estate lending business with an unlimited income potential!

With our Journeyman Package, at the completion of the course, you will leave us with the knowledge and confidence needed to get your feet on the ground running day one. You will learn everything from how to identify a deal, how to qualify a borrower, working with lenders, controlling your borrower, underwriting, marketing, branding your business and so much more! All expertly taught to you, at home at your own pace, by well-known commercial lending professionals who collectively have closed over a billion dollars in commercial real estate transactions.

Here's what's included in this package:

  • Our one-of-a-kind commercial real estate lending training program

  • Comprehensive training manual

  • Comprehensive cloud document updated with legal forms, applications, agreements and marketing materials

  • Our personal, exclusive list of lenders, banks and private lenders

  • Everything you need to set up and incorporate in your state

  • 3 months of in-house dedicated marketing to clients in your state

  • Lifetime access to the FAST-TRACK program

  • And so much more!

Program cost:

USD 12,000 / or as low as USD 243.26/mo with financing*

Package includes all training and training materials

A presentation at the office

Masterclass Package
5-day immersive live training (in classroom or virtual)

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our prestigious 5-day immersive Masterclass professional training package. Join us live at our cutting-edge training center nestled just outside the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Immerse yourself in a collaborative group-setting alongside fellow visionary entrepreneurs who share your ambition to tap into the limitless income potential within the commercial real estate lending industry.

If attending in person poses a challenge, worry not! Embrace the convenience of virtual participation, allowing you to enjoy the same enriching experience and top-notch training from the comfort of your own home.

As part of our commitment to your success, our live, in-person training provides an exclusive opportunity to connect directly with industry experts. Engage in insightful conversations, pose questions and glean invaluable wisdom from lenders, title companies and other professionals—reserved exclusively for our training participants.

Your professional evolution awaits—seize the chance to refine your skills, expand your network and unlock new possibilities in the dynamic realm of commercial real estate lending.

Here's what's included in this package:

  • Everything that is included in the Journeyman Package, PLUS...

  • Live in-person training

  • Meet directly with lenders and other industry professionals

  • Exclusive round-table Q&A sessions

  • 6 months of in-house dedicated marketing to clients in your state

  • Lifetime access to the FAST-TRACK program

  • And so much more!

Program cost:

USD 25,000 / or as low as USD 506.79/mo with financing*

Package includes all training and training materials

Suburb Houses

Apprentice Package
5-day immersive 1-on-1 personal training

Embark on an unparalleled educational journey with our Apprentice Package, where we unveil an extraordinary 1-on-1 training experience designed to redefine your understanding of commercial real estate and business lending. This exclusive program is curated by a distinguished industry CEO boasting over 25 years of expertise, having closed over a billion dollars in loan transactions.

Envision a week-long immersion into the realm of real-world application, guided by your personal mentorthe seasoned CEO. Benefit from a wealth of insider insights garnered through decades of experience, as you delve into 1-on-1 sessions with lenders and title professionals, gaining a profound understanding of their world and the collaborative dynamics ahead.

At the pinnacle of your training, seize the opportunity to participate in a 6-month exclusive paid internship with a thriving brokerage doubling as a direct lender. These hands-on days are devoted to applying your acquired knowledge in a practical setting. From deal intake to processing and underwriting, experience the entire lifecycle of a transaction. This immersive internship challenges you to roll up your sleeves and put your newfound expertise to the test, providing an authentic preview of your future endeavors in the industry.

Unleash your potential with our Apprentice Packagean unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime educational odyssey where the red carpet is unfurled to welcome you to a world of extraordinary learning.

Here's what's included in this package:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime hands-on learning experience

  • 1-on-1 training with your mentor

  • Exclusive guaranteed 6-month paid internship

  • 1 full year of in-house dedicated marketing to clients in your state

  • Leads when available *

  • Lifetime access to the FAST-TRACK program

  • And so much more!

Program cost:

USD 49,000 / or as low as USD 1,013.58/mo with financing*

Package includes all training and training materials, plus 7 days of lodging at an area hotel

*Financing subject to credit approval. Not everyone will qualify for these rates.

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