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We offer premier education at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. High quality education without the equally high price tag!

Accelerated Learning on Your Own Schedule

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OceanView FAST-TRACK Program
Get on the FAST-TRACK to success today!

Fast Track Now Available: Unlock your path to the lucrative commercial lending industry!


Embark on an accelerated journey with our FAST-TRACK program, designed to catapult you into the heart of the commercial lending landscape in just 5 weeks. Our comprehensive core training ensures you are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge, guiding you towards success in this dynamic industry. As part of this exciting opportunity, you will receive your very own custom landing page, empowering your clients to effortlessly apply online.

Recent insights from investment bank Morgan Stanley underscore the immense potential in the commercial real estate sector. With a staggering $1.5 trillion of commercial real estate debt set to mature by the end of 2025, the need for adept professionals in the lending space is more pressing than ever. Morgan Stanley highlights the challenges ahead, emphasizing the difficulty illiquid banks may face in refinancing this substantial debt, especially given the persistently weak demand for office space nationwide.

However, with wholesale lenders leveraging the expertise of educated commercial mortgage brokers, a wave of unprecedented opportunities awaits! This impending surge in business has the potential to generate billions in commissions. By enrolling in our FAST-TRACK program, you position yourself at the forefront of this financial wave, poised to capitalize on the vast potential and secure your success in the commercial lending industry. Don't miss out on your chance to ride the wave of changeenroll in FAST-TRACK today!

Here's what's included in this package:

  • Get off the ground with your new business in as little as 5 weeks!

  • Custom landing page website

  • Continued education classes delivered to your portal every month

  • Monthly live round table meeting with industry experts

  • And so much more!

Program cost:

USD 2,499.95 start-up and only USD 199.95/mo!


  • OceanView FAST-TRACK Program

    Every month
    +$2,499.95 OceanView FAST-TRACK Enrollment
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